What is the Neighborhood Pace Car Program?
Making neighborhoods safer places to walk, drive and bicycle is the mission of the citizen-based Pace Car program.

How does it work?
Pace car volunteers sign a pledge to drive within the speed limit, stop for pedestrians, drive courteously, and display a Pace Car Sticker on their vehicles. Pace car drivers act as “mobile speed bumps,” slowing the flow of traffic behind them. The more Pace car drivers in a neighborhood the better it works.

What are the benefits of being a Pace Car Driver?
• You make neighborhood streets much safer for everyone - children, pedestrians, bicyclists, and even pets.
• Drivers are much better equipped to stop on demand when driving the speed limit.
• You slow people behind you and set an example for those drivers beside you. You are not impeding traffic if you are driving the speed limit!
• You will help curb the noise on our streets.
• Your awareness and appreciation of neighborhoods increases as you are able to observe friends, architecture, gardens, etc.

What can I do?
Become a Pace car driver.

Register to be a pace car driver and “sign” the Pace Car Pledge. Next, choose a sticker to place on your vehicle. You will receive your sticker in the mail.

Encourage your neighbors to become Pace car drivers.
The more people who join, the better it works. Tell your neighbors about this website so they can sign up to be Pace Car Drivers. For presentations to community groups, contact the Community Traffic Safety Coalition at 454-4141

Who supports the Pace car program?
Through the work of traffic-calming guru David Engwich, Pace Car is an international program. Locally, the cities of Santa Cruz and Capitola initiated their own Pace Car programs. The Santa Cruz County Community Traffic Safety Coalition is working to make Pace Car a countywide program.

Pace Car Registration Form


E-Mail Address



State (California Only)

Zip/Postal Code


Sticker Choice (Please Choose One only)

Pace Car Sticker One

Pace Car Sticker Two

For further information about the Pace Car Program please call: 831-454-4141

Pace Car Pledge

Recognizing that my car impacts the livability of other residents' streets, just as theirs impacts mine, I hereby pledge to:

• Drive within the speed limit.
• Minimize my own car use.
• Stop to let pedestians cross.
• Display my Pace Car sticker.
• Reclaim my street.
• Have fun while caring about others.

Pace Car Sticker One


Pace Car Sticker Two


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